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The idea to make an organization especially for scholars and practitioners in industrial and organizational psychology came out in a meeting in Industrial and Organizational Psychology Department, Faculty of Psychology University of Indonesia on Saturday, 11th September 1999. Asosiasi Psikologi Industri dan Organisasi (APIO) or Association of Industrial and Organizational Psychology is one of professional organization under Indonesian Psychology Association (HIMPSI). APIO is declared in Lembaga Psikologi Terapan UI, Jakarta on 5th October 1999 by several psychologist, both scholars and practitioners. The APIO founder Prof. Dr. A.S. Munandar, together with Dr. Doddy Haryadi,M.Si., Drs. Moch. Junus, Drs. Eddie Cahyono Putro, MBA., and Drs. Lukman S. Sriamin act as the steering committee to prepare the declaration.  The declaration also signed by Dr. H. Enoch Markum as Chairman of HIMPSI, and Dr. H. Rahmat Ismail as Chairman Elected of HIMPSI.

APIO headquarter is in Jakarta as the capital city of Indonesia. And up to now APIO already have another 3 branches outside Jakarta that are in Surabaya (East Java), Bandung (West Java) and Yogyakarta (Central Java). Since 2005 APIO also have members in Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia), and Singapore who act as APIO liason.

Prof. Dr. Ashar Sunyoto Munandar, Dipl.Psych is the first APIO Chairman, and since 30th October 2004 Dra. B.K.Indarwahyanti Graito, M.Psi become the new APIO  Chairman up to now.


To become a strong, and reliable association in the field of industrial and organizational psychology (in Indonesia), and to give value added for its members and society.


  1. To improve scientific and professional competency for its members
  2. To protect the consumer that is using APIO members services
  3. To serve and support its members concerning their professional integrity matters
  4. To be sensitive with its environment and society and to find solutions to solve the industrial and organizational psychological problems.
  5. To co-operate with other institutions to make the most beneficial for APIO stakeholders.
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