Profesor Hora Tjitra

Born and grow up in Indonesia, Dr. Tjitra lived in Germany for fourteen years before coming to China at the end of 2003. He led the international management development practice and was responsible for the development of the global diversity practice of leading HR Consulting companies in Hamburg and Aschaffenburg, Germany. In both positions, he helped international organizations in the development, design and delivery of intercultural and diversity interventions.
Dr. Tjitra began his professional career as Research Assistant at the Technical University of Braunschweig and Research Fellow at the University of Regensburg. Over the past twelve years, throughout his academic research and enterprise consulting projects, he was dealing extensively with the subjects of: 

  • intercultural management (intercultural communication and synergy development as well as intercultural training and assessment)
  • international management (corporate education system, leadership and team development, problem solving and decision making process as well expatriate and diversity management)
  • and organizational development (Change Management, Corporate Culture and Cultural Integration)

View presentations from Hora Tjitra.

More about Hora Tjitra:

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